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The world of the nail industry is constantly evolving and new tools and products are emerging to create unique and stylish manicures. Once, a simple file, scissors and nail polish were sufficient, but today the manicurist's arsenal has expanded considerably.

Today the nail service industry has new products that ensure manicure longevity and durability and offer great opportunities for creativity and experimentation. They make the world of nail service exciting and dynamic, always opening up new possibilities for professionals and delighting clients with fresh manicure ideas and trends. One of the most innovative products in nail service is polygel.

What is nail polygel?

Polygel is a material used in manicures that combines the best properties of gel and acrylics. This product is characterised by the absence of harmful components and an unpleasant smell, which makes it safer and more comfortable to use.

Polygel has the consistency of a thick gel that is applied to the nail and modelled into the desired shape, and then cured under a UV or LED lamp. It does not require mixing like acrylic materials and does not melt on contact with water like gel. 

Polygel has durability and resistance comparable to gel. It has become a popular choice in the manicure industry due to its convenient consistency and ability to create a variety of designs on nails.

Benefits of polygel for nails

Polygel has a number of advantages, including:

- Durability: It is highly durable and resistant, allowing you to create long-lasting and durable nails. It does not crack, break or peel, allowing you to enjoy beautiful nails for a long time.

- Natural look: It has a delicate and natural texture that gives your nails a natural look. It is neither thick nor heavy, which allows you to create thin and lightweight nails that are indistinguishable from natural nails.

- Ease of application: It has a comfortable consistency that makes it easy to model nails without straining. It does not drip and does not blend, which simplifies the build-up process and reduces the working time.

- Fast drying: It cures quickly under a UV lamp, which saves time during nail extensions. It requires no extra drying time like gel, and does not emit an unpleasant smell like acrylic.

- Versatility: Can be used on different types of nails, including natural nails, master nails and extensions. It is also compatible with other materials and extension techniques such as design, decoration and manicure-pedicure.

- Safety: Contains no aggressive chemical components such as methacrylates, making it safer for nails and skin. It does not cause irritation or allergic reactions, which is especially important for people with sensitive skin.

- Reduced dust: The amount of working dust generated during poligel filing, as compared to other materials, is considerably reduced.

- Ease of removal: Easy to remove without acetone or other aggressive agents. It does not damage natural nails, leaves no residue and requires no special tools or procedures for removal.

Polygel nail application technique

1. First, clean the nails thoroughly from old nail polish or other products with a grease remover.

2. Coat the nail plate with one thin layer of nail primer, which will help to create a better adhesion between the Polygel and the natural nail.

Apply the polygel to the nail plate with a brush soaked in the special acrylic gel liquid. While doing so, shape the nails by gently pressing the polygel to the nail, especially in the cuticle area, to prevent the material from coming off.

4. Polymerise the acrylic gel in a lamp according to the manufacturer's instructions.

5. After curing, finish the nail surface using a 180 grit file to shape, smooth and even out the nail surface.

6. After finishing the surface, dust the nail with the nail file and complete the manicure by applying a topcoat or a decorative coating, if required.

Gel and polygel: what's the difference?

Polygel and nail gel are two materials that are used in manicures and pedicures to strengthen and lengthen nails.

  • Polygel: Polygel is a mixture of gel and acrylics, combining the properties of both materials. It has a thicker consistency, which makes it more dense and thicker than regular gel. Polygel is used to create nail extensions and makes it easy to model the shape of the nails, giving them a natural look. The polygel also has good adhesion, which allows it to bond well to the natural nail without causing damage. The polygel is usually polymerised in a UV (ultraviolet) or LED (light-emitting diode) lamp.

  • Gel: Nail gel is a material which is also used to strengthen and lengthen nails. It has a more fluid consistency than polygel and is usually cured in a UV or LED lamp. The gel has good flexibility, which makes the gel-fortified nails less brittle and more durable. The gel also has a high degree of transparency, which allows it to create a natural nail effect.

Thus, the main difference between polygel and nail gel lies in their consistency. Polygel has a thicker consistency, while gel has a more liquid consistency. Both materials can be used to create beautiful and durable nail extensions and the choice between them depends on the preference of the craftsman and the client.

Polygel with shimmer 

Chimmered Polygel offers many possibilities for creativity and nail design. It can be used for nail moulding as well as strengthening natural nails. The shimmer effect is available in different colours and intensities, allowing the creation of unique nail designs, depending on the preference and imagination of the technician and client.

Polygel with shimmer is a popular choice amongst manicurists and pedicurists as it allows them to create impressive and original designs on nails, adding brightness and sparkle to them. However, as with all nail materials, it is important to master the techniques of working with shimmer polygel correctly in order to achieve professional results and ensure the safety and comfort of clients.

Reflective polygel

Reflective nail poligels are used to create stylish and striking nail designs. It has the ability to reflect light, which gives nails a special effect and makes them brighter and more noticeable, especially when illuminated or under UV light. The light-reflecting effect is created by the presence of micro flakes or pigments in the polygel, which reflect the light, giving the nails a shiny and shimmering appearance.

Reflective nail polygel offers many design options such as gradients, ombré, shimmering patterns and more. It allows you to create a unique and spectacular manicure that attracts attention and emphasises individuality.

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Poly Gel: The Revolutionary Nail Extension Product

In the world of nail extensions, new products and technologies are always emerging to provide innovative solutions for nail stylists and enthusiasts alike. Poly Gel is one such product that has taken the industry by storm, with its unique formula and application method that sets it apart from traditional gel and acrylic nails.

Before we delve into the details of Poly Gel, let's first understand what it is. Poly Gel is a hybrid product that combines the benefits of both gel and acrylic nails. It comes in a tube and is applied like a gel polish, but it has a thicker texture that allows it to be shaped and molded just like acrylic nails. It is then cured under UV light to harden and set into a strong and durable nail extension that can last for up to three weeks.

One of the biggest advantages of Poly Gel is its ease of application. Unlike traditional acrylic nails that require mixing and sculpting, Poly Gel can be applied with a simple squeeze of a tube. Its soft texture allows for easy manipulation, which makes it perfect for creating intricate designs or fixing uneven nail beds. It also sets quickly under UV light, enabling nail stylists to work faster and more efficiently, increasing their productivity and profitability.

Another benefit of Poly Gel is its durability. Unlike gel polish, which can chip and peel off easily, Poly Gel is resistant to cracks and breaks, making it ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle. It also has a natural-looking finish that resembles the texture and shine of real nails, giving a more natural appearance to the final product.

Poly Gel is also extremely versatile, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. Nail stylists can experiment with color, texture, and shape to create unique and personalized nail extensions for their clients. Its compatibility with other nail products, including Gel and Gel Global Fashion, provides even more options for customization, resulting in a truly unique and personalized look.

In conclusion, Poly Gel is a revolutionary product that has taken the nail extension industry by storm. Its ease of application, durability, and versatility make it a game-changer for both nail stylists and enthusiasts. With its ability to provide natural-looking, long-lasting, and customizable nail extensions, it's no wonder that Poly Gel has become a go-to product for those looking for a quick and easy way to enhance their nails' beauty.