Gel polish BLACK ELITE 097, Global Fashion 8 ml

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Super quality! Bravo and good luck!

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Super quality! Bravo and good luck!

they provide a durable, resistant, beautiful coating, protects the nail from external damage and give a bright glossy shine. BLACK ELITE gel varnishes are developed in the USA and have a hypoallergenic composition, dense texture, which ensures easy application even for a beginner.
Nail polish Black Elite

it has a stylish design of a black bottle, with a decorative image of a peacock, and the presence of a convenient brush ensures high-quality application of a gel coated plate right next to the cuticle. Black Elite gel polish has a dense texture, does not flow into the cuticle area and along the edges, which ensures easy application even for a beginner. The wear time of the decorative coating with the use of Black Elite gel lacquers ranges from 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the base used (with a rubber base, the wear time increases).
Gel polish Black Elite
a number of iridescent highlights
the magic of volume
the magic of color
creating a multifaceted illusion
the absence of toxic compounds
good adhesion
optimal consistency
ease of use
compatibility with various materials

Gel polish BLACK ELITE is a modern professional three-phase gel polish system, combining the best properties of professional nail polishes and modeling gels. The main advantages of Global Fashion BLACK ELITE gel nail polishes are: the ratio of reasonable price and high premium quality,- a unique safe formula developed with the specifications of different types of nails,- ideal glossy shine,- easy and simple to use,- polymerization under UV, LED or hybrid CCFL lamp,- long-term preservation of a bright and saturated shade,- Long-term preservation of a bright and saturated shade - Increased resistance to mechanical damage, absence of chips and scratches during the entire period of use - The color gamma is represented by pastel, natural, and bright, saturated colors - The variety of textures of Global Fashion gel-varnishes (glossy, shimmery, glittery, etc.) will satisfy the most sophisticated taste. - a variety of textures of Global Fashion gel polishes (glossy, shimmery, glittery, etc.) will satisfy the most sophisticated taste.

Gel polish is a revolutionary beauty product that has taken the world by storm, and for good reason. Providing long-lasting results and a stunning, glossy finish, gel polish is the perfect solution for anyone looking to take their nail game to the next level. One particular gel polish that has been making waves in the global fashion scene is the Gel Polish BLACK ELITE 097, Global Fashion 8 ml.

The Gel Polish BLACK ELITE 097 is a bold and luxurious shade of black that exudes sophistication and elegance. Its unique, high-quality formula provides a high-gloss finish that stays put for up to two weeks without chipping, peeling or fading, making it an incredibly popular choice for fashion-forward women who demand the best in both style and quality.

This gel polish is especially perfect for formal events, parties, or as a statement nail color for everyday wear, and it pairs well with any outfit or accessories. The BLACK ELITE 097 adds a bold and dramatic touch to any look, while still being versatile enough to blend flawlessly with other colors.

One of the most positive aspects of this gel polish is that it can be used in conjunction with a wide range of nail extensions. Whether you’re wearing acrylics, tips, or gel extensions, the BLACK ELITE 097 enhances the appearance of nails, while also adding durability and longevity to any manicure. Additionally, this gel polish is chip-resistant, providing a long-lasting, professional-looking manicure for weeks on end.

Overall, the Gel Polish BLACK ELITE 097, Global Fashion 8 ml, is a must-try product for anyone looking for incredible quality and an unbeatable glossy shine. Ideal for those who appreciate quality and refinement, the BLACK ELITE 097 is the perfect addition to any nail kit, making it a staple product for beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike.