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Oil: The Miracle Worker

Oil has been used in various forms for thousands of years, starting from medicinal purposes to cosmetic uses. An oil, by definition, is a slippery, viscous, and combustible liquid, which can be derived from a variety of natural sources, such as plants, animals, and even the earth itself. Although there are many types of oils, the properties that make oils useful are their lubrication, moisturization, and preservation abilities. In this article, we will focus on the benefits of oils in nail extensions.

Nail extensions are artificial nails that are glued onto the natural nails to give them a longer and more attractive appearance. Nail extensions can be made from different materials, such as acrylics, gels, and fiberglass. Regardless of the type of extension used, oils can play a vital role in maintaining healthy natural nails and keeping the extensions in excellent condition.

One significant benefit of oil on nail extensions is the lubrication effect. Oils serve as a lubricant that helps reduce the friction between the natural nail and the extension. Friction can cause the nail extensions to lift, crack, or break, which can lead to infections or even permanent damage to the nail bed. Using oil on nail extensions helps prevent such issues as oils add flexibility to the nail, making it less prone to damage caused by everyday wear and tear.

Another benefit of oil on nail extensions is its moisturization properties. When nail extensions are put on, the natural nails can become dry and brittle. The application of oils such as jojoba and almond oil helps keep the nails moisturized and hydrated. Doing so prevents the natural nails underneath from drying out and becoming weak, which leads to breakage.

Finally, oils have preservation properties that help maintain the longevity of the nail extensions. Oils act as a barrier between the natural nail and external factors such as water, dirt, and dust, which can cause the extensions to degrade faster. By applying one or two drops of oil to the nail extensions regularly, the extensions' lifespan is prolonged.

In conclusion, oils are a handy tool in maintaining healthy natural nails and keeping nail extensions in top-notch condition. Whether it is to lubricate, moisturize, or preserve the extensions, oils are a must-have for those who want to keep their nails in the best possible shape. By investing in high-quality oils, one can ensure that their nail extensions remain looking fabulous for a long time to come.