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A beautiful and neat manicure is an important part of every girl's look. However, in order to achieve a quality manicure, you need to choose the right nail products. In addition to the base and gel polish, a nail top should be used, which is the final step in creating the perfect manicure. The correct use of a top will help to keep your manicure in perfect condition for a long time.

What is a nail top coat?

A nail top coat is an essential finishing touch to your manicure, which not only secures the polish, but also gives your nails a unique shine and reliable protection against possible damage. Thanks to its properties, the top ensures long-lasting lacquer wear and retains its original appearance without fading or peeling. It is a great way to keep your manicure in perfect condition for a long time.

It should be noted that there are many nail polish tops on the market that not only serve as a finishing touch to your manicure, but are also a stunning decorative element for your nails. These products can greatly enhance the visual effect of a manicure and add personality and sophistication to it.

What is a nail top coat for?

A nail top coat plays an important role in the manicure process, fulfilling several functions:

  • Securely protecting your manicure from possible scratches and other mechanical damage.

  • Protects coloured coatings from the adverse effects of sunlight, which can cause burn-in and loss of colour vibrancy.

  •  Creates a perfect glare.

  • Provides reliable protection for coloured coatings against chemicals, water and other adverse factors.

  • Helps keep nail designs securely in place, keeping them fresh and vibrant for long periods of time.

  • Some tops can impart additional manicure effects such as shimmer or matte.

  • It has the great property of smoothing out the surface and removing even the smallest imperfections.

  • Gives your manicure stability and shine.

Types of nails tops coat

There are many different types of nail tops, each with its own characteristics and properties:

  • MATE

Matte tops create a matte effect on the nails and are ideal for creating fancy designs.

These tops come in velvet and satin.

- Velvet tops create a unique, plush effect that feels good to the touch and adds sophistication to the manicure. However, due to their porous structure, such tops can attract dust and dirt, which can reduce the effect of the design.

To avoid this problem, it is recommended to use a dark gel polish when applying a velvet top. This will help to hide potential dirt and maintain the plush effect for longer. In any case, regular cleaning and care of your manicure will help maintain its pristine look and longevity.

- Satin tops are matt tops which have the added benefit of being hygienic. They are ideal for use on light-coloured gel polishes as they do not affect their shade. However, after 1-2 weeks of heavy use, they may start to look worn and take on a shine, which is normal for any material subjected to daily wear and tear.


A shimmer top is a clear nail top that contains small sparkles or other particles which create a shimmering effect on the nails. This top can be used on its own to give nails an extra shine, or applied over other gel nail polishes to give them an extra effect.


This top is applied on top of an already dried coloured gel polish and gives your nails a glossy sheen. It can also protect coloured nails from chipping and help keep them fresh and vibrant for longer. These tops can contain various ingredients such as silicones, waxes or oils that help create a smooth, shiny surface on nails.

This product is available in two variants: with or without a dispersion coating. The second option is preferable, as it avoids the need to remove the sticky layer after use.


- The non-sticky top is classic and extremely versatile thanks to its high elasticity. It is ideal for thin and weak nails, as it provides a secure and durable finish that does not crack or peel for a long time. This allows you to keep your manicure in perfect condition for up to 3-4 weeks.

It's especially useful to note that a sticky top is an indispensable tool for creating different designs, such as foil imprints. Thanks to its natural tackiness, this top performs perfectly for such tasks, ensuring a flawless result and durability of the decor.

- The non-sticky top has a stiffer texture, making it the ideal choice for sturdy nails. However, on thin nails these tops may crack so it is better to choose a non-stick top for more flexible nails.


For fixing designs in artwork, there is a special category of tops that can be considered real miracle products. These tops are uniquely formulated to perfectly fix various designs, such as slider designs, moulded designs, waxed designs and others. In addition, their elasticity allows them to maintain a flawless appearance for a long time and avoid chipping and peeling. 


Tops can vary in consistency from thick to liquid and some can be as thin as water. To determine the exact consistency of a top, you must open the bottle, take a brush and judge how fast the material runs off it. Generally, liquid tops do not leave a sticky layer, while liquid tops can be either thicker or more liquid.

Techniques for applying a nail top coat

Applying a nail top is an important step in completing a manicure that helps protect the lacquer from chipping and prolongs nail longevity. Here are a few steps to help you apply your nail top correctly:

1. You need to give your nails the desired shape and length using a nail file. The nail file should then be carefully pulled back to prevent the cuticle from protruding too far and leaving an unsightly appearance, it can be completely removed.
2. For a smooth nail surface, a buff should be used to polish the nail surface and remove any irregularities. But do not overuse this tool as excessive filing can cause damage to the nail plate.
3. Before applying the base and gel polish, it is necessary to degrease the surface of the nails with a special product. This will help ensure better adhesion of the gel polish to the nail and increase its durability.
4. Apply the base coat and gently spread to the edge of each nail. To ensure a long-lasting hold, polymerise in a special lamp.
5. Apply gel polish and dry in the lamp.
6. Apply a thin layer of top coat to each nail, starting at the base of the nail and moving towards the tip. Allow to dry under the lamp.
7. If necessary, repeat the application process to achieve the desired degree of gloss and protection.

8. After the top is dry, make sure there are no fingerprints or dust on the nail surface.

How to choose a top coat for gel polish?

Choosing a quality nail top can be a daunting task, but here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:
1. Study the composition: make sure the top does not contain any harmful chemicals.
2. Pay attention to consistency: stays easy to apply and doesn't bleed. 

3. Consider the length of wear: the best tops usually last longer on nails than cheaper ones. Make sure that the top you choose provides good durability and resistance to chipping and peeling.
4. research reviews: read reviews from other users to learn about their experiences with different tops. This can help you make a more informed choice.
5. Choose a top that suits your needs: if you have weak nails, consider options with strengthening properties. If you prefer a matte finish, choose a matte top. Choose the top that best suits your needs.

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Nail Extensions

Nail extensions have become a popular trend among women these days, offering a quick and easy way to achieve beautiful and stylish nails. Whether you opt for acrylic or gel extensions, they require proper care and maintenance to ensure longevity and strength. Here are the top 5 tips for maintaining your nail extensions:

1. Keep Your Hands Moisturized

Moisturizing your hands regularly is important to keep your nails and surrounding skin hydrated. Dry hands can cause your nail extensions to weaken and even break. Therefore, consider using a quality hand cream to keep your hands soft and supple.

2. Avoid Excessive Water Exposure

Although bubbly baths and long showers can be relaxing, they can cause damage to your nail extensions. Excessive water exposure can cause your extensions to lift and even detach. Thus, it's advisable to wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning to prevent water damage.

3. Take Care of Your Cuticles

Keeping your cuticles healthy is essential to ensure your nail extensions remain strong and healthy. Regularly apply cuticle oil or cream to soften your cuticles and prevent them from drying out.

4. Protect Your Nails

It's advisable to protect your nails from harsh chemicals or rough activities that may cause damage. If you enjoy sports, gardening or any other activities that require heavy hand usage, consider wearing gloves to protect your nail extensions.

5. Get Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance with a professional manicurist is essential to keep your nail extensions looking their best. They can check for any issues, such as lifting or separation, and repair them before they worsen. Plus, your manicurist can advise you on the best products and techniques to maintain your nail extensions at home.

In Conclusion

With proper care and maintenance, your nail extensions can last for weeks, even months. Follow these top 5 tips for maintaining your nail extensions, and you'll be sure to have beautiful and healthy-looking nails that make heads turn. Remember to invest in quality products, take precautions, and visit your manicurist regularly to keep your extensions strong and stylish.