Rubber Base Coat French, 15 ml, Global Fashion 04

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Color number 04
Length 3.20 cm
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Height 9.00 cm
Volume 15.00 ml

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Thanks for the gift! I'll do my first french and show you the results.


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applying colored bases as a leveling layer,
Take care to polymerize them for at least 120 seconds.
Allows you to hide all the imperfections

Cures well in all lamps

smooth application

good resistance

Thickness suitable for smoothing

easy to remove

suitable for thin nails

Caoutchouc, strengthens the nail plate

Very good substrate - base for every color

Goes perfectly with waxed and glittered nails!
The rubber milk French base is a nude color base. It allows you to properly and quickly prepare your nails for the French design, as well as to increase the adhesion of the nails with the design paint. The base is perfect for French nails in order to make it more spectacular, aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. Using such a base saves the master time, because it does not require the application of additional color before applying the smile,
and the nail looks thin
and natural.


The medium viscosity rubber base in 12 camouflaging shades combines the qualities of a gel lacquer base and a long-lasting, self-coating finish. It is made of high-quality American raw materials. The material does not bleed when applied, perfectly smoothes out, perfectly corrects imperfections of natural nails. It is hiding, perfectly pigmented. It is perfect as a single coat for French design, as well as a smoothing and masking the imperfections of the nails. It is comfortable to apply and cure, economical in consumption.

The coating cures for 2 minutes in a UV lamp and up to 60-90 seconds in an LED lamp.

Global Fashion 04 is a popular rubber base coat French that has taken the world by storm. This nail extension product is loved by many because of its high-quality and long-lasting results. Whether you're a beginner or a professional in the nail extension industry, you'll find Global Fashion 04 to be the perfect product for adding some flair and elegance to your look.

The product comes in a 15 ml bottle, making it perfect for home use or for taking to your nail technician's salon. The rubber base coat French helps protect your nails from the harsh chemicals and staining that come with nail polish, acrylic and other synthetic products. This means that you can maintain a healthier, cleaner and more attractive appearance for longer.

The rubber base coat French also helps to strengthen your nails, making them more resistant to breakages, chips and other damages that are common with regular nail extensions. This way, your nails will have the support they need to stay strong and healthy, and you can enjoy stunning nails for weeks without worrying about damage or breakages.

The Global Fashion 04 rubber base coat French is also well-loved for its unique formula that dries quickly, giving you the freedom to go about your activities as soon as you're done applying the product. This means you won't have to sit around waiting for it to dry like you would with other types of nail extensions.

Moreover, this product comes with a fun and stylish French base design that's perfect for weddings, special events or even for your day-to-day look. It's easy to apply, and you can experiment with different nail designs such as pink and white, glitter or any other preferences that match your style.

In conclusion, the Global Fashion 04 rubber base coat French is a perfect product for anyone looking to enhance their nails' appearance. Its long-lasting results, quick drying formula and convenient 15 ml bottle make it a popular choice among many nail enthusiasts. Get your hands on this product today, and start enjoying the benefits of elegant, sturdy and healthy nails that are sure to make a statement wherever you go.