Global Fashion 100/180 washing nail file, brown

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Global Fashion 100/180 Washing Nail File - the Perfect Tool for Flawless Nails.

If you're looking for a nail file that can provide precise shaping, reducing thickness, and polishing nails to perfection, then the Global Fashion 100/180 Washing Nail File is a perfect fit for you.

This nail file features two sides with varying grits - 100 on one side and 180 on the other. The 100-grit side is perfect for shaping the nails, while the 180-grit side provides a smooth finishing touch. Its brown color adds a touch of elegance, giving it an aesthetic appeal that fits right in any stylish beauty salon.

What truly sets this nail file apart, though, is its ability to be washed and reused. Unlike other nail files that you have to discard after one use, the Global Fashion 100/180 Washing Nail File can be washed, disinfected, and used again without losing its quality. All you need is a bit of soap and water and it's ready for its next use.

This tool is also perfect for nail extensions. It makes the process of brushing, buffing, and extending nails easier and more efficient. With its precise grits and easy-to-use design, it's perfect for professional and home use.

So, if you're looking for a reliable and cost-effective nail file, the Global Fashion 100/180 Washing Nail File is a perfect investment. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, this tool will provide you with flawless results every time. Get yours today and see the difference for yourself! 

In conclusion, a perfect nail file can do wonders in enhancing the beauty of your nails. The Global Fashion 100/180 Washing Nail File is the perfect tool that combines style and functionality in one package. It is an essential addition to any nail care routine, be it for personal use or professional purposes. It's time to say goodbye to disposable nail files and invest in a quality tool that you can use again and again.