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To create a beautiful manicure, it's not only important to use a beautiful colour finish and an interesting design, but also to treat your nails properly with special tools. One of the most important accessories for creating a manicure is a nail file. It allows not only giving the nails the desired length, but also to correct nail irregularities giving them a perfectly smooth surface. Nail file is an essential stage in the process of creating a well-groomed and elegant manicure that will attract admiring looks.

The nail file is a perfect way to shape your nails, shorten their length and give a subtle shine to the surface of the nail plates. A good manicure is unthinkable without a nail file. The right nail file helps not only to improve the appearance of your nails, but also to ensure their health and durability.

Types of nail files - features

There are three main criteria to define nail files: shape, material and hardness (abrasiveness).

The shape of nail files is an important aspect when choosing a nail care tool. There are several types of shapes, which differ from each other not only in appearance but also in how they work:

1. A straight nail file is the classic type that handles many nail care tasks. It can have oval or pointed edges, which allows you to choose the most suitable shape for a particular case.

2. The banana file, also known as a boomerang or arc, is the ideal tool for beginners. Thanks to its special shape, this file can easily create the right contour of a free edge and achieve the perfect nail shape. It is perfect for home use and helps you to get your nails done quickly and efficiently. 

3. Rhombus file. Thanks to its shape and features of its teeth, it provides fast and quality treatment of both natural and artificial nails.
Rhombus files have several gradations of granularity, allowing you to choose the best option for each specific case. This allows you to work on both the initial stages as well as the more advanced ones. You can easily make your nails smoother and get the shape you want with the rhombus saw. 

4. Crescent file. It's great for creating the desired nail shape and treating the cuticle. Due to its versatility, it can be used both by professional craftsmen and amateurs who take care of the beauty of their nails at home.

5. The buff is a versatile tool that can perform many tasks. It is ideal for sanding, which helps to remove shine from the surface of the nail plate before coating. The file can also be used to file and polish both natural and artificial nails. The buff is an indispensable aid for creating the perfect manicure.

The material used to make nail files plays an important role in ensuring a good manicure and pedicure.

1. disposable. To create this product, foam or cardboard is used as a base, and Teflon, granite or quartz chips are used as abrasive material. Please note, however, that this product is not suitable for disinfection procedures.

2. Metal bases with interchangeable files. This type of file is a tool that consists of surgical steel on which interchangeable files with different degrees of abrasiveness are applied. It is very user-friendly as the steel it is made of can be easily sterilised and the files can simply be attached to the base and easily replaced after use. It is the perfect choice for people who care about the hygiene of their nails and want quality results.

3. Wooden. These files are ideal for personal use. They are very sturdy and durable, which ensures long-lasting use. They are also stiff enough to get high quality work.

4. Glass nail files. These nail files are a more delicate and safe option for nail treatment tools. They are made of tempered glass, which is micro-sized, allowing you to gently work your nails without damaging them. Thanks to this, glass nail files prevent splitting, brittleness and nail injury.
It is recommended to use glass nail files in one direction only and not to use them on very thin or weak nails. Also, disinfect the file before first use and after each use.

5. Metal files. These files are reliable and durable tools. They are ideal for use on false nails where strength and precision are required. However, for natural nails the use of metal files is not recommended, as their rigidity can lead to splitting of the natural plate. 

6. Ceramic files are an indispensable tool for those with brittle and thin natural nails. They can be used not only to shape nails, but also to treat the skin around the nail bed. Ceramic files are highly wear resistant and long lasting, making them a cost efficient choice for professional or home nail care. 

7. Laser nail files are innovative nail care tools that work based on laser technology. They allow you to treat your nails quickly and safely without damaging their structure.

An important characteristic of nail files is their abrasivity which determines how well they perform. Choosing the right nail file abrasiveness for a particular application can be crucial to the health and beauty of your nails. However, it must be remembered that the wrong abrasivity can cause damage to the nail plate or the skin around the nail, so it is important to consider each person's individual characteristics and needs.

- 80 to 150 grits. An excellent choice for treatment of artificial nails. These nail files are made from quality materials and have a high hardness, which makes it easy to treat all types of artificial nails. They are ideal for acrylic, gel and acrylic gel.

- From 150 to 240 grit. The 150 to 240 grit range of files is standard. They are designed for thorough filing of natural nails and perfect shape of artificial nails. With these files it is possible to achieve a professional result, giving nails a smooth surface and a symmetrical shape. 

- 240 to 500 grit. Instruments with this abrasivity help to smooth the nail plate and create an optimal bond with the nail coating before the application of gel polish. They are an indispensable aid in creating the perfect manicure and pedicure.

- 1000 grit and higher. These tools are ideal for polishing and finishing the edge of the natural nail to achieve a beautiful and glossy effect.

It is important to note that there may be two markers on the file. This indicates that the product has two edges, each of which has a certain stiffness. Some buffs can have up to six working sides with different abrasiveness.

How do I file my nails?

Certain rules must be followed when treating nails with a nail file to avoid damaging the skin and nail plate.

1. Do not file your nails immediately after showering, you must wait until they are dry. This is because wet nails break more easily and the risk of damaging their structure increases. Therefore, to avoid such problems, it is advisable to wait for a few minutes until the nails are dry before beginning the filing process. 

2. For best results, it is advisable to work with the file in one direction, from the edge of the nail to the centre. This will avoid unnecessary damage and provide a neater looking nail plate. Be aware that moving the nail in different directions and sudden impact can lead to negative consequences.

3. to reduce the risk of infection, use your personal instrument.

4. To find the right nail file for your nails, choose a tool with the appropriate abrasiveness.

5. To keep your nails healthy and beautiful, it is recommended to polish your nail plate no more than once a week. Frequent polishing can lead to thinness and weakening of the nails, which can lead to nail breakage and damage. Therefore, to keep your nails in good shape, keep the measure in mind and limit the frequency of polishing.

6. After the nail and skin treatment, it is advisable to use a moisturiser or nourishing cream. This will help to improve the condition of the skin and nails and keep them healthy and looking attractive. Don't forget that the skin of your hands is very sensitive to the environment and needs regular care. So make sure you choose hand care products that effectively moisturise, nourish and soften your skin, while keeping your nails healthy and strong.

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Files are one of the basic tools for nail extension and nail shaping, which can come in various types depending on the material, shape and roughness of the surface.

Paper files are made of paper that has been degreased and impregnated with natural components. Paper files are soft and safe for natural nails and ideal for carefully correcting the shape of the nail plate. These files are also easy to change which is handy when working with clients.

Glass files are another popular option. They are made of especially hard glass and have a smooth and durable surface that ensures perfect nail shape. Glass files have an infinite lifespan and can be easily washed and disinfected, making them highly hygienic for repeated use.

There are wooden files which have a wooden handle and a shaped resin on the end. They are used for treating nails that have grown out and returning them to their original shape. Wooden files are coarser than paper and glass files and therefore their use requires a higher skill and experience of the craftsman.

Files are important tools for creating and maintaining a beautiful and well-groomed manicure.