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Professional nail tools

Nail extensions are a popular service in the world of nail services and are becoming increasingly popular among women. Today, more and more women are turning to this service to get a manicure that is not only beautiful but also long-lasting. Masters of manicure use a variety of materials and tools that allow you to create a spectacular design and ensure long-term preservation of the beauty of your nails for at least three weeks. 

What tools should be in every manicurist's arsenal to ensure high quality work and client satisfaction? Read on to find out.

List of nail extension tools

Nail extension tools are a set of tools used by professional manicurists to create and strengthen artificial nails. 
They are an essential aid and indispensable ally for experienced manicurists who can create a gorgeous look accentuated by elegant and graceful nails. Every manicurist should have the right tools for achieving perfect results.

  • A nail lamp is used to cure gel or gel polish on the nail plate. It is an essential tool for creating a beautiful and long-lasting manicure. 

  • Scissors and clippers are used to trim the nail plate, remove cuticles and other nail care related procedures. These tools not only help keep your nails looking their best, but also improve their health.

  • Nail files are used to correct nail shape, shorten nail length, remove burrs and polish nail surfaces. It is important to use nail files properly in order not to damage the natural nail layer.

  • A nail buffer is used for polishing and buffing the nails. It usually consists of a block of different sanding paper surfaces of different grit sizes, which allows you to change the degree of roughness and glossiness of the nail surface. The nail buff helps to remove bumps, chips, scratches and other imperfections on the nail surface.  However, it is important to use the nail file carefully in order not to damage the nails. It is advisable not to use it too often and not to grind your nails too hard so as not to destroy their structure.

  • A cuticle paddle, also known as a "pusher" is used in manicures to push the cuticle back from the nail plate. It usually has a flat, rounded tip and can be made of different materials including metal, wood or plastic. Using a pusher helps keep your nails and cuticles healthy and improves the appearance of your nails.

  • Manicure pad are soft cushions that help support your hands in a comfortable position during the manicure procedure. They are commonly used in beauty salons and at home. Their use can help reduce hand fatigue and increase comfort during manicures.

  • Dots. It can be used to create a variety of patterns, from abstract geometric shapes to floral motifs and other decorative elements. 

  • Tip cutter. This is a tool used to remove and trim false nails (tips) during manicures. It is a small scissor tool which allows you to easily and accurately trim the tips to the right length and shape to match the client's natural nails. 

  • Brushes for gel or acrylic. Tools that are used to apply the correct material to the nail plate in order to create the ideal nail shape and design. They are thin brushes with soft fibers which allow a precise and accurate application of the material on the nails. Brushes are available in different sizes and shapes to suit different nail design needs and styles. The use of gel modeling brushes gives professional-looking manicure results.

  • Forms for building. Special tools used by manicurists to create and shape artificial nails. They allow the creation of various shapes and lengths of artificial nails, depending on the client's wishes.

  • Tips are special nail extensions that are used to create a spectacular manicure. When choosing a tip, it is recommended to pay attention to its contact area: wide tips are preferable as they provide a better fixation and are safer to use.To verify the quality of the product, a test is recommended: try bending the tip, and if after bending it does not leave a crease band and it has not lost its shape, it can be confidently stated that it is a quality product.

  • Lint-free wipes. Special wipes that are used to remove residues of gel, nail polish or other manicure products. They are called lint-free because they do not leave lint on the nails or skin during the removal procedure. They can be made of soft cotton or a special material that leaves no fibres. The use of lint-free cloths in manicures allows the removal of nail polish or gel without the risk of damaging the nail plate or the skin around the nail.

  • Disposable towels. These towels are used to ensure hygiene and prevent transmission of infections between clients. When you get a manicure, you often use oil, nail polish, solvent and other chemicals that can be contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Using disposable towels avoids the transfer of these bacteria and viruses between clients, helping to keep them healthy and safe. In addition, the use of disposable towels helps to create a professional and well-groomed look for the nail salon, which can increase customer confidence and satisfaction with services.

  • Disinfectant. To ensure the safety of clients and craftsmen, hand disinfection is imperative before any treatment begins. This is especially important in light of the potential for infections to enter through micro-injuries and cuts in the skin. Therefore, make sure to disinfect both the master and the client. 

  • Manicure dusting brush. A tool that is used to remove dust and nail residue from nails and cuticles during manicure. It has soft bristles that do not harm your skin or scratch your nails. Manicure dusting brushes can be made from various materials such as nylon, hair, soft tufted materials and others. They are often used in professional beauty salons and can also be bought for use at home.

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