How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish In Three Simple Steps

How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish In Three Simple Steps
We love the look of a chic glitter manicure just as much as the next person. But when it comes time to actually remove your favorite glitter polish, it's a different story. The heterogeneous texture of glitter polish makes it significantly more difficult to remove than regular nail lacquer, which means you can accidentally damage your nails when you're trying to remove those stubborn flecks of glitter.

Thanks to how commonly difficult it is to remove glitter nail polish, we thought it’d be helpful to chat with a nail expert for their tips on taking it off. So ahead, we chatted with Olive & June’s founder, Sarah Gibson Tuttle. After all, who better to ask than someone who formulates polish (including glitter polish) for a living?

Keep reading for Tuttle’s step-by-step approach to removing glitter nail polish—all without stripping your nails in the process.



It sounds counter intuitive, but according to Tuttle, the best trick to remove glitter nail polish is to actually start by adding a fresh layer of any non-glitter shade on top of it. Keep reading to find out why.


Don’t wait for your new coat to dry. Instead, Tuttle says to use nail polish remover or a soaked cotton ball—to start the removal process. The tacky topcoat will slightly stick to the glitter, so when the polish remover dissolves the polish, it will take the glitter along with it.



While this is undoubtedly the most gentle method, Tuttle admits that some glitter may still remain and, as such, light buffing may still be necessary. The trick is to not use anything too coarse. 

Finish with a final swab of polish remover. Once all glitter is removed, swipe one last coat of remover across your nails. Now that they’re totally clean, wash your hands, dry them off, apply cuticle oil, and let it soak in. If you plan to immediately re-paint your nails, just be sure to dip a nail brush into the remover so that you can rinse away any oil from your nail plate, as it will hinder polish from firmly adhering to the nail.

BYRDIE TIP: «When painting with a glitter nail polish shade , paint in thin coats and wait five to 10 minutes in between,» she says. «If you try to fully cover the nail with glitter in one coat, it'll be too thick and make it harder to remove.»
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