Interesting facts about nails and manicures

Interesting facts about nails and manicures
Today, beauty elephants provide many body treatments. One of the most popular treatments in beauty salons is, of course, manicures. What can you do without manicure nowadays? Not only girls and women do it, but even men and children. On the manicure is a lot of interesting facts. The most of them we have written in our article. Read! You will definitely be surprised.


Did you know that?

FACT #1: Our nails are made from the same material as our hair. They are based on the protein keratin. Even when they burn, the smell of smoke from them will be the same.

FACT #2: It is no coincidence that we need to take care of our nails so often: they grow at a rate of about 0.1 mm a day.

FACT #3: Women's nails tend to grow slower than men's.

FACT #4:
Nails don't grow at the same rate. In summer, nails grow faster than in the cold winter. This is due to a change in speed in metabolism. It's much more intense in summer.

FACT #5:
If you take certain medications, are frequently stressed, on a strict diet or have metabolic problems, the nails will grow slower.

FACT #6: Typing on the keyboard massages the nail plate and stimulates nail growth. The massage improves blood circulation in the fingertips and all processes, including growth, are accelerated.

FACT #7:
The unhealthy habit of nail biting was once beneficial. To cure his patients, a dentist named Maxwell Lappe invented special nail clips in 1934, which soon became popular as false nails.

FACT # 8: Only the area around the nail can sweat. The nail bed itself cannot do this as it has no sweat glands.

FACT #9: Painting and painting nails was a common practice among the ancient Incas. The most common design was the eagle.

FACT #10: French manicure is considered the most popular manicure. (Read more about French manicure here). But the most interesting thing, of course, is not that, but that this type of manicure was invented in Hollywood, not in France, as many think. This nail design was suggested by Jeff Pink, as the nail art went with almost any look and outfit.

FACT #11: Many people think that water helps nails get thicker if you keep them in it more often. This is a slightly controversial fact, although it is linked to the fact that nails have a tendency to absorb water quickly.

FACT #12: In Ancient Egypt, nail colour was directly related to what class you belonged to. Green was the most popular colour for nails.

FACT #13: The very first nail polish in the world was red.

FACT #14: Pregnant women grow their nails faster than the nursing type.

FACT #15: Nails grow at different rates on different hands. A left-handed man on the left hand grows his nails faster than those on the right.

FACT #16: The owner of the world's longest nails is India's Shridhar Chillal. He has been growing them for almost 66 years. When his nails were measured for the Guinness Book of World Records, they measured nine metres and nine centimetres in total length. The Indian has recently had them cut, as life with such "decoration" had become simply unbearable.

FACT #17: Fingernails start to break if you don't drink enough water. It's important to get enough water in your system so that your nails can grow properly.

FACT #18: The world's first incredibly expensive manicure set was made in Babylon. All the instruments were cast in solid gold, although they were very different from the tools we all use today.

We hope that after reading this article you learned a lot of interesting and useful things.

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