Why the top gets yellow on your nails: the main reasons

Why the top gets yellow on your nails: the main reasons
A beautiful manicure is the dream of every modern girl. And what can't be done to make that dream a reality. Salon visits are certainly an expensive pleasure, however, the fairer sex does not deny itself in this. But it is worth noting that the manicure is and its unpleasant phenomena. Namely, manicure coating after some time begins to change its original colour and, of course, spoils the manicure. To understand why this happens, let's try to understand the causes of this unpleasant phenomenon.


Nail top can turn yellow for two main reasons:

1. The mistake of a craftsman or a faulty workmanship.
2. Through the fault of the client.
Now let's look at each cause in more detail.
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- The use of a top without UV filters.
- Use of a top that does not match the base and decorator.
- Poorly dried finishing coat in a UV lamp. It is best to choose a «native» base, colour and top coat according to the manufacturer's recommendations - this will keep your manicure aesthetically pleasing.
- Always ensure that the top is properly cured in the lamp and does not become cloudy.
- The presence of this filter protects your manicure from excess UV light and prevents the bottom layers from yellowing.


- Smoking. The tar and nicotine in cigarettes gives your fingernails and the skin on the fingers where you hold the cigarette a characteristic yellowish tinge.
- Vitamin deficiency. Especially avitaminosis is likely in the autumn-spring period, in addition to yellowing, the signs of vitamin deficiency are manifested in delaminated nails, thinning and increased brittleness of the plate.
- Using household chemicals without gloves. Reaction to chemically active liquids, dyes, cleansers and aggressive components is probable in case of contact with them without gloves.
- Hormonal disruption. May be due to serious illness, pregnancy and also during the postnatal period.
- Other conditions. Contact with spices or other foodstuffs during cooking, e.g. turmeric or the use of non-gloved dyes. 
The list of causes of yellowing of the topcoat could of course be even longer, but we have tried to show the main causes.
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