GF-300 manicure and pedicure router for beginners and craftsmen

GF-300 manicure and pedicure router for beginners and craftsmen
The GF-300 manicure and pedicure machine from Global Fashion is the ideal solution for manicure and pedicure treatments (treatment of the skin around the fingers). This machine has a number of advantages that make it an indispensable tool. The manicure unit has a high power which allows you to perform various tasks effectively. Thanks to this tool, the technician can easily and accurately correct the shape and length of nails, both gel and natural. The cutter can be used to easily create a perfect free edge as well as to treat cuticles.

This unit has rubber feet that ensure a stable position on the table. There are two switches on the back of the machine: one is used to switch the power on and off and the other is used to switch between hand and foot control. The machine also has an opening for a foot pedal.

There is a slot on the front of the machine to accommodate a knob. There is also a reversing switch on the front panel which allows the knob to be rotated both to the left and right. This switch has three positions: left, neutral (in this position the motor is completely off) and right. There is also a display on the front panel which shows the number of revolutions.

The handle of the unit is made of a metal body and has a pink coloured swivel sleeve made of plastic. The handle also has ventilation holes with a fan to ventilate the machine.

The GF-300 manicure and pedicure machine has an excellent and stylish design that gives a professional look to the master's workplace. This creates a pleasant atmosphere and impression for clients.

Includes control unit, handle, foot pedal, pen stand, a set of cutters and disposable caps.


Power: 65W

Infinitely variable speed up to 35 000 rpm

Power supply: 220-230 V, 50 Hz

Display: yes

Colour: white
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