5 - destructive habits that make nails worse. How can you beat them?

5 - destructive habits that make nails worse. How can you beat them?
It's very important for us that our nails are always neat and beautiful. It's no wonder, as our hands and nails are the first thing that catches our eye, especially if our work is closely related to the computer and the office. And everything would be fine, but there is a «snag» that always interferes - bad habits, I would even say «unfortunate habits». But you have to admit, it's not about the habit, it's about us. We know we shouldn't do it, but we do it again and again anyway. We set a taboo: «I won't bite my nails anymore» and at the same time we get nails chewed off and our manicure looks terrible. Oh, those bad habits! But there is a way out! Read our article about ways to fight these «bad habits».


So, the first and most famous habit, of course, is 'nail biting'.

Habit number 1: Nail biting

Many adults and even well-bred people of different ages suffer from this habit, not only children and teenagers. This habit has a lot of negative consequences. Bitten nails look unaesthetic, deformed nails and the skin around them, cause burrs, worsen dental condition and increase the risk of digestive system disorders. Apart from all that, this habit is unsanitary, because dirt and bacteria accumulate under the nails and get right into our body through the mouth. From this you can get some more soreness, which is not so easy to get rid of later.

What to do?

1. Get yourself a stunning and professional manicure that will be a shame to 'nibble'. First, because it's beautiful and second, because it's expensive. Best of all, you can cover your nails with gel or acrylic: it's pretty hard to chew. At least once a week, make strengthening nail baths with salt and lemon juice. Our website has an article on «How to strengthen your nails? Simple and effective tips» in which you'll find a variety of nail care baths.

2. Trim your nails regularly. The shorter the nail, the harder it is to chew.

3. Buy a bitter varnish at any drugstore and cover your nails with it, even a coat of regular varnish will protect them, because the taste of varnish in your mouth is very unpleasant!

4. It is said that this habit is most common when a person is nervous or agitated. To stop self-harming, doctors advise changing the habit to something less harmful; in other words replace one habit with another equally effective way to calm down: twirl a ring on your finger, wear a rosary or bracelet, cuddle an anti-stress toy.
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Habit number 2: Constant cuticle removal

Just as bad as our nails, our cuticles suffer from bad habits and we constantly 'attack' them with scissors, tweezers, fingers and teeth. It's definitely a bad habit; cuticles are best left alone otherwise they look frayed and inflamed and the resulting wounds and cracks are an open gateway for all kinds of infections. In addition, over time, this habit can lead to unpleasant scars.

What can I do?

1. Treat your cuticles more frequently with a manicure from your nail technician. Given the condition of your cuticles, don't know what manicure is right for you? Here's the solution! Read our article, «Which manicure suitsr You?»

2. Use cuticle cream and oils - rub them on your fingers several times a day in a massaging motion. Not only will this soften even the tightest cuticle, but it will also improve blood flow - your nails will grow faster.

3. A coarse file should be applied to the lateral buffs to prevent burrs and rough skin. It should be used in dry hands, on each finger, avoiding the nail. It's a simple way to avoid the formation of burrs. For more information on nail files, see our article «Nail file. An indispensable tool in every girl's make-up bag».

Habit number 3: Scraping nail polish

An equally common habit is picking nail polish. The habit of picking at nail polish with your hands or other objects (rather than using a remedy) is very unhealthy, as it can lead to a regular overcoating, which can make nails look unattractive and weaken them.

What to do?

1. A simple solution from the experts is to always carry a nail polish remover with you in case your nails start to peel or you want to remove them. These products are gentle on nails and easy to keep in your purse. You may be thinking, «I have to carry this around with me too», it may seem that way at first, but you really should try it, and then «carry it around» will become a regular habit.

2. In order to avoid this problem happening too often, make use of a quality nail polish with a protective coating, or get a long lasting manicure, such as a manicure with a machine. These days it's a trend in the nail service. By the way we have an article «A machine manicure is a super technology!», and if you are from the category of people who believe that such a manicure is harmful, then we have an alternative article «Hardware manicure: myths and truth», so read it and take note! It's well worth the effort!

Habit number 4: Trying to get under the nail

A lot of people often try to remove the dirt from under their nails with a nail file, an orange stick or even with the nail of their other hand! This should never be done! The nail can start to peel off and the dust can get even deeper.

What to do?

It's best to use a brush and soap and water for cleaning. And for whitening, there are special pencils or remember folk remedies, such as lemon pulp. By the way, it is a tried and tested and very effective method.

Habit number 5: Use your fingernails as tools and tear off a broken or cracked fingernail

Very often, we automatically use our nails as tools - scraping, opening, unscrewing, etc. etc. So why make your own fingernails into a «wand»!

What to do?

For an emergency, simply file the rough nail to keep it in place and trim the broken nail gently at home. If the break is at the very edge of the nail and threatens to bleed, it's best to use a repair kit or even make a false nail.

So, we've explained the five top habits and told you how to deal with them. Now it's up to you. From theory make a step to practice. You will succeed!

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