Gel nail varnish doesn't dry in the lamp: find out the reasons

Gel nail varnish doesn't dry in the lamp: find out the reasons
Today, there are so many materials and tools available to create a stylish manicure. One of them is gel nail polish. Problems with gel polish curing are not uncommon, but it's not always about the gel polish itself. Often the problem is in the nail lamp and its operation. Learn the reasons in this article.


The normal polymerisation time for gel polish is:
- 30-60 seconds in the led-lamp.
- Up to 2 minutes in a UV lamp.
Drying times are not exact, as many things depend on the pigmentation of the lacquers and the rubber content.


The causes of poor curing can be divided into two categories:
- A problem with the gel polish or its application.
- Problems with the lamp.

The problem with the gel polish

1. Applying a thick layer of gel polish. A gel polish begins to cure from the top of the lamp, so if you apply a thick layer, the lower part of the coat will not have had time to dry in the standard time. Increasing this time will not solve the problem. Also, the varnish may start to wrinkle or bake, so it's best to apply the material in thin layers.

2. Strong pigmentation. For bright gel lacquer shades, the drying time is considerably longer, as the content of the special colour pigment prevents the lamp rays from penetrating the material, which consequently makes drying more difficult.

3. The expiry date of the gel polish. The expiry date is calculated from the time the bottle is opened. On average, it's 2-3 years. Therefore, it is worth remembering when you started using this gel polish. When it expires, the gel polish may not only dry badly, but also not hold on your nails (do not dry and come away from the nail plate as a film).

4. Gel polish takes a long time to set. If it is not used, over time, the pigment in the bottle settles to the bottom, and because of the uneven composition, the gel polish does not dry well. Therefore, before applying a coloured gel polish it is always advisable to roll it around a little in your hands, but not shake it like a varnish: this provokes the appearance of bubbles in the gel polish!

5. Improper storage of gel polish. Keep the bottle in a dark place and away from the working lamp, otherwise over time the material will harden and dry badly.

6. Cheap or imitation gel polish. Unfortunately, no-one is safe from counterfeiting. Do not skimp on the material and is better to buy only from trusted manufacturers with a lot of reviews, such as the online shop Global Fashion.
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Problems with the lamp

1. The bulbs have failed. In bulbs, especially ultraviolet bulbs, bulbs burn out over time and need to be replaced. If this is not noticed in time, the material may either dry worse or not dry at all. The UV light bulb can be replaced, while LED or CCFL bulbs can be replaced in specialised centres. Therefore, it is better for the craftsman on the line to purchase a second bulb to replace the first if the bulb stops working at the most inconvenient time.

2. Low wattage bulb. The lower the wattage of the lamp, the longer it will take to polymerise your gel polish. Therefore, when buying, always pay attention to this characteristic. However, you may find that the wattage of the lamp falls over time, so either accept the longer drying time or change the lamp. Unfortunately, you can only notice this when working with the same materials: if they dry worse, the lamp power has dropped. Buy a quality lamp --->
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3. The incompatibility of a gel polish and a lamp. There are gel lacquers that are produced only for a certain type of lamp, so if your polish does not dry well, pay attention to the instructions on it, it may not be suitable for your lamp. The point here is that some gel lacquers used to be suitable only for the led lamp and sometimes only for the ultraviolet lamp. This problem is now rare.

4. Incorrect hand placement. This, too, has a lot to do with it. If the hand is tilted, the varnish will be displaced and will not dry well. In addition, this position will cause the rays to hit the material unevenly.

5. Dirty lamp. The bottom of the lamp, as well as the bulbs themselves, should be wiped clean of dust periodically. Otherwise, dirt will reduce the flow of light, and the varnish will not dry as well. The rule of thumb is to wipe the inside and outside of the lamp after each client.


To avoid the problem, you must first examine the causes. Here are the basic rules:
- Make sure the gel polish is within its expiry date and properly stored.
- Apply the gel polish in a thin layer.
- Roll the bottle in your hands before use to evenly distribute the pigment.
- Take care to keep the bulbs in the lamp clean.
You already know the main reasons why gel polish does not cure in the lamp. Follow the simple rules and then discomfort will not work.

And do not forget the cardinal rule - buy quality materials from trusted manufacturers. Online shop Global Fashion offers such an opportunity. In the shop --->

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