Manicure and pedicure machine ZS-601 and GF-202: similarities and differences

Manicure and pedicure machine ZS-601 and GF-202: similarities and differences
The manicure and pedicure machine GF-202 and ZS 601 from Global Fashion, although visually similar, have different internal features.

The GF-202 is a semi-professional manicure and pedicure machine. This machine is designed for quality nail treatment for hands and feet, as well as performs cuticle removal, gel removal, nail plate correction and removing corns and calluses. With 65 watts of power and up to 35,000 revolutions per minute adjustable speed, this machine ensures efficient and precise nail care. Whether you're a professional or just taking care of your nails at home, the GF-202 nail router will provide you with reliability, comfort and quality.

The ZS 601 manicure and pedicure machine is designed for professional nail top correction, including gel and acrylics, as well as cuticle, lateral rollers and fingertips treatment. It is also ideal for use on pedicures for nail treatments. With its 45-watt power, it works effectively with a variety of treatments. The maximum rotation speed of the nozzle is up to 35,000 rpm, which allows you to perform the required manicure and pedicure operations quickly and accurately.

The handle of the GF-202 and ZS 601 router has a body made of high-quality aluminium. This results in a number of advantages, including effective cooling of the handle when it is heated. Thanks to this, the heat is dissipated into the aluminium housing, which helps prevent overheating of the pen motor and significantly extends the life of the pen.

Particular attention should be paid to a reliable and high-quality cutter retainer. Thanks to this clamp, the cutters are held securely in place, ensuring stability and precision work. This allows high-quality and professional machining.

Both router bits are also fitted with special toolholder openings for perfect locking and easy access at all times. In addition, the routers are equipped with a special handle holder that can be attached to the unit on the left or right side.

The GF-202 and ZS 601 include: control unit, router handle, handle stand, foot pedal, and a set of router bits and disposable caps.

Specifications of the Global Fashion GF-202 manicure machine:

Power: 65 watts

Rotation speed:  35000 rpm.

Power supply: 220 V, (50-60Hz)

Reverse: (left, right rotation)

Unit weight: 900 grams

Handle weight: 190 grams

Colour: Pink

Manicure machine ZS 601 Specifications:

Power: 45 watts
Speed of rotation:  35000 rpm
Power supply: 220-240V, 50Hz
Reverse: (left, right rotation)
Unit weight: 650 grams
Handle weight: 150 grams
Colours available: pink, white, red and black
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