Cuticle remover: getting to know the features

Cuticle remover: getting to know the features
To achieve a beautiful manicure, it's not enough to choose a good quality gel polish, a beautiful design, shape your nails nicely, and of course you need to treat the cuticle, the so-called 'skin strip' around your nails. There are several options for removing the cuticle. The most modern is the removal with cuticle removers, making it easier and quicker to prepare the nails. So, let's take a closer look at the features of the cuticle remover.


What is it?
A cuticle remover is a remover that contains softening ingredients and active chemical substances intended to gently remove the cuticle area around the nail plate. Removers contain chemicals that make the procedure quick and easy. They are available as a liquid, gel or light cream. The base of these removers may vary.
It is considered that the creamy consistency is the safest, as it practically does not flow out of the treatment area. But remouver in the form of a liquid penetrates better into the keratinized areas of the skin. Well, the gel consistency takes an intermediate position between cream and liquid, and is probably the most universal option.

There are several types of removers, which differ in their composition:

1. Acidic Removers: These most often contain AHA acids which work very quickly and effectively. With AHA acids, cuticle removal in under 25 seconds is possible. This is the reason why many masters use acidic removers. Thanks to its quickness and ease of use, this variant is in demand by manicurists and professionals alike. But, compared to alkaline removers, acidic removers can cause allergic reactions, so care should be taken;

2. Alkaline: This is softer than its acidic counterpart, but can take up to 25 minutes to clean the cuticle. This treatment is gentler than acidic versions, and works well when used at home.

3. Oily: A remoisturant specifically relieves, rather than dissolves, the cuticle area. These products are well-suited for sensitive skin on the hands, as well as for use at home.

4. Mineral: Mineral based removers are expensive and seldom used. The advantage of this formulation is the therapeutic effect of the remuver on the nail plate and the skin area around the nails.
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- This option is safe. By using the cuticle remover, there is no risk of injury and therefore no risk of infection, as the process is completely bloodless.
- can be used in the salon or at home.
- Cuticle removal with the cuticle remover is more gentle. The process is absolutely painless and the cuticles are less sensitive.
- accelerates the nail treatment before a manicure.
- The cuticle removed with the remover grows back more slowly and is less likely to be burred. Every manicure is therefore more aesthetically pleasing and more long-lasting.
- Easy to apply and easy to remove without leaving a trace after the manicure.
- Faster manicure. Removers work in 1.5 to 20 minutes, depending on the composition. But in any case, it is not necessary to wait until the skin and nails are dry, as in the case of softening baths.

In addition to the advantages, remuver has also negative aspects.

The disadvantages are

- The possibility of allergic reactions. Substances included in the cuticle softener can cause itching, redness and swelling. And disregard of rules for using removers can lead to the formation of a cavity under the plate, followed by separation of the nail from the bed.
- Remover does not remove the cuticle cleanly enough. It can be said that this remover is suitable for owners of thin cuticles. In severe cases, where the cuticle is very long or very rough, a classic cuticle manicure is indispensable.
- There is a risk of damaging the nail plate. After all, what is a cuticle remover? It is essentially a certain chemical compound that, in addition to the keratinized skin, can also eat away at the base of the nail plate, and that is very dangerous. Burns to the tissues and splitting of the plate can occur. Therefore, it is not recommended to use strong preparations containing aggressive acids at home.

WARNING Strictly follow the instructions in the product's package leaflet. This applies in particular to products containing strong chemical compounds. Do not overhold the remover under any circumstances. After the procedure, remove the remover with a cotton pad soaked in mineral water, or wash your hands. And, of course, don't forget to nourish the cuticle with oil or nourishing cream.

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To begin with, consider that before applying remuver to the skin, it is useful to test it. If remuver causes irritation or allergic reactions, it is better to refuse its use in manicure and choose a more gentle formulation. Do not use means on the basis of acids, if there are skin diseases, abrasions and injuries not keratinized. A contraindication is the infestation of fungus.

Now, the actual step-by-step procedure:

1. Clean the nail plate of dirt, nail polish and degrease it.
2. The treatment involves the application of a layer of cuticle remover, avoiding areas of cuticle and unhealthy skin.
3. Depending on the type of remoisturer, allow the cuticle to remain on the cuticle. A certain soak time is required for each remover composition.
4. After the time has elapsed, use a pusher or orange stick to gently pull back and remove the keratinised skin.
5. Wipe off the remaining product with a dry cloth and apply cuticle oil. This will help soothe the cuticles and slow down their growth.

WARNING Do not remove the cuticle more than once a week. Too many cuticle cuts or removers can cause the cuticle to dry out and crack, which can negatively affect the condition of the nails. The only exceptions are oil-based removers. You can treat the cuticle with these on a daily basis. Get the cuticle remover.

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We hope you had a successful meeting with our cuticle remover. Use the cuticle remover and then your manicure will be neat and beautiful.

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