Why gel polish changes colour: the reasons for the discomfort

Why gel polish changes colour: the reasons for the discomfort
The manicure procedure seems to have gone well. The client was satisfied with the result. And if the client is happy, so is the technician. Everything would be fine, but then the client calls a week later and says that the gel polish has changed colour. You ask yourself the question: why is this happening and how to avoid changing the colour coating? Let's find out the reasons together.


1. Working with a substandard product

If you use materials of dubious origin, you must be prepared for anything. Such gel lacquers, as a rule, are characterized by low price and lack of certificates.
Coverage of these bottles can not only darken, fade and be covered with spots. You may also experience severe allergies or even chemical burns.

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2. Top (top coats) without UV protection

Gel polish can be very sunburned. This is especially true for bright, pastel colours. However, worldwide manufacturers have long produced finishes with UV protection.

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3. The nail polish is not drying properly

One of the functions of a top is to protect the entire coating from burning, chipping and peeling. But if you don't thoroughly dry it, you get the opposite effect. The top gets cloudy, easily absorbs extraneous pigments and does not protect the colour layer from the sun.

TIP: Make sure the top is fully cured. Use a good quality lamp with a timer.

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4. Special (aggressive) bases

Overly acidic bases can simply eat away at the colour. Bases should be carefully selected in order to avoid pungent scents. Also, combining materials from different manufacturers entails a greater risk that something will go wrong and the client will encounter a problem.

TIP: Always use high quality bases and trusted brands. This can help you avoid unpleasant situations.

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It seems like the master meets all the requirements, but with a colored coating still happen strange things? The reason for the change of colour can be associated with a manicure mistress lifestyle.

1. Sunburned gel polish

Continuous exposure to the blazing sun may not withstand even the highest quality gel polish and top.

2. Tanning agents

Tanning agents can also have a negative impact on gel polish. Although gel polish is a very hardy material, it is also quite porous. It can absorb some of the more resistant pigments. But unlike the sun, a self-tanner will make the colour darker. Other products that may have a negative impact on gel polish include: cooking spices, highly pigmented foods (beetroot, berries, pomegranate), hair dye.

3. Detergents

Detergents can also affect the colour of your nail polish. However, the chemicals in detergents and gels not only destroy the pigment but also reduce the durability of your manicure and dry your hands.

TIP: In most cases, the change of colour coating occurs in everyday life. Don't forget to warn your clients about the possible consequences of working around the house without gloves, and work only with quality materials. And you can buy such materials in the Global Fashion online shop! Top quality is our pledge!

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