Cuticle oil: Its effectiveness and how to use it

Cuticle oil: Its effectiveness and how to use it
The manicure process is known to consist of several stages. If we talk about the screaming stage, we know that the manicure is completed by moisturising the cuticle. This is what the manicurist does in order to avoid dry skin around the nails and to give the nails a well-groomed look. The cuticle oil is the nail oil's main helper in nourishing the skin around the nails. In this introduction, we take a closer look at cuticle oil.


Cuticle oil
is a mixture of essential and vegetable oils, moisturizing components as well as vitamins and antioxidants. Cuticle oil is a remedy for regular nail care. The oil softens, nourishes and strengthens skin and nails, prevents formation of burrs, reduces inflammation, accelerates nail growth and has regenerating effect. Dry and irritated cuticles are unpleasant and extremely dangerous. Burrs, nail bed inflammation, cuticle inflammation, fungal infections, etc. can occur. This simple, yet complementary care can cure all that.
The oil forms a protective film and retards the evaporation of water from the skin, while the glycerine or panthenol (moisturising ingredients in the composition) retain moisture under this film, providing your hands with extra nourishment and softness.


1. Softening. Softens the skin around the nails and thus protects against injuries, cracks and hangnails.
2. Protection. The oil protects against the penetration of bacteria to the matrix and prevents fungal infection.
3. Restoration. Works on the nail plate, moisturising it and preventing peeling.
4. Nourishing. Natural oils contain more vitamins, such as A and E, which are important for the nails.


- For trimmed manicures.  Oil is necessary to prevent the cuticle areas from drying out and inflammation. The oil helps prevent cuticle patches from drying out and inflammation. After all, high-quality European-style manicures require cuticles to be flexible and smooth. The oil can easily cope with this task.
- If you cover your nails with gel polish frequently. Additional care is oh-so-necessary.
- For cuticle care between manicures. For rough cuticles, rub in the oil daily.
- Immediately after manicure. During manicure, the cuticle is exposed to the tools and the UV radiation of the lamp.


Grape seed. Contains a high concentration of vitamin E. Moisturizes the cuticle and nourishes the nails. It is often used before manicures: the skin quickly becomes soft and easy to work with.

Jojoba. Jojoba oil soothes redness, moisturises, reduces inflammation, soothes and regenerates the epidermis.

Coconut oil. Rich in vitamin A and E. Promotes healing of damages and soothes irritated skin. It penetrates the skin well and absorbs quickly, moisturises, softens, revives even very dull nails. Does not leave a greasy residue when applied.

Peach. Contains vitamin B15. Excellent for the prevention of fungus. Peach oil is recommended for use after manicures. Peach oil for cuticles can be used every day: it is light and delicate, well absorbed, prevents skin dryness and protects from external influences, without causing skin reactions and habituation.

Tea tree. It has antiseptic properties, has a preventive effect, prevents the development of onychomycosis.

Rosemary. Increases blood circulation, strengthens nails and cuticles.

Sandalwood. Antifungal. Heals cracks and hydrates effectively.


1. Apply a small amount of the oil product to the base of the nail with a dropper or brush.
2. Gently massage into the skin, the base roller and the nail plate.
3. Wait until the product is fully absorbed into the skin.

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Use cuticle oil daily and regularly to keep your nails looking their best and looking their best.

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