Technology in nail service

Technology in nail service
The beauty of a woman's nails is one of the main indicators that she is well-groomed. Today, it's hard to imagine the fairer sex without manicures, so nail service is a promising section of the beauty industry. Nail service does not stand still, new techniques for manicure using special tools and equipment appear regularly.  Let's talk about them in more detail.


Manicure equipment. Nowadays cuticle treatment using classic scissors or tweezers is getting less popular, and a special dry treatment machine, also known as a manicure cutter, is just becoming popular. A machine manicure is more delicate and careful; it helps not only to process the cuticle, but also to shape and grind the nail plate. It is very small and has many extensions for various manipulations. (Read more about manicure machine in our article).

Nail lamp. In nail extensions and long-term nail coating are actively used LED-lamps (operating on LEDs). (An article about nail lamps gives interesting information on our website).
Sterilizer for tools. It is difficult to imagine the work of a nail salon without equipment for sterilizing and storing tools. The new generation of sterilizers have a number of functions which reduce the time of treatment and improve efficiency of the procedure. (Read more about sterilisation here).

Manicure extractor. It's a well-known fact that manicures accumulate a lot of sawdust, and this directly harms the health of the master and the client. And to avoid damage to the respiratory tract, a manicure extractor is used. It is intended for the collection of dust, during the correction and nail extensions. (Read more about manicure hoods here).


The trend in nail extension is evident: the consumer wants the extensions to look as similar as possible to the natural nails, both in shape and thickness, and even in length.

Gel is a one-component material which hardens under exposure to ultraviolet light. Gels can be either liquid to model nails or solid (3D gels) to create three-dimensional designs. They can also be divided into three phase (the base layer ensures the best adhesion between the artificial material and the nail, the forming layer serves to create the body of the nail, the finishing layer provides lustre and protection against mechanical damage), two phase (one gel is base and forming, the second one is a finishing gloss) and single phase (using the same gel for all the stages of nail extension). (To learn more about nail extension you can click here.)

Acrylic is a material that is obtained by reacting a powder (polymer) and a special liquid (monomer), which polymerise under the influence of air. According to the owners and managers of the beauty industry, modeling with acrylics is not popular among clients because of the pungent smell of the material and the dust that results from the filing of the artificial nail and settles on the mucous membranes of the master and the client. (For more information on acrylic nail extension, click here).


Various tools are used in nail services:

A nail file for shaping. The optimum abrasiveness (hardness) is 180 to 400 grits. The hardest ones are used when nails are extended.
Scissors. There are several types: for free nail edges, for cuticles and universal.
A buff to polish the plates. A four-sided tool, each side of which has a different degree of hardness.
Orange sticks which are used to push the cuticle away from the nail plate.


Any shade can be given to your nails by using gel nail polish. There is a huge number of gel - nail polishes on the market, from nude shades to the brightest. There are also a variety of patterns, glitters and stones to give your nails a very special and interesting look. (Learn the ins and outs of gel nail polish in our article).


In autumn and winter, paraffin treatments are very popular. This is another classic service that can be incorporated into any natural nail and skin care treatment for hands and feet. Paraffin is one of the four hydrocarbons contained in petroleum. Highly refined paraffin is used in manicure and pedicure, in which manufacturers often add essential oils, plant extracts, clay, algae and other components to enhance the therapeutic and cosmetic effects.
During paraffin therapy, the skin temperature rises by 1-2 degrees and, as a result, the skin is deeply moisturised and toxins are released. The volume of the paraffin wax is considerably reduced during the curing process, which helps to strengthen trophic and tissue regeneration. (Read about paraffin therapy in our article, which is really useful). buy all about paraffin therapy here --->

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