Bright manicures or «luscious» nail shades

Bright manicures or «luscious» nail shades
It's no secret that the fairer sex likes to experiment with their nails. Nude, glitter, red shades, after all, it all depends on your mood. But ladies, who want to be charged with positive emotions and a good mood, of course, resort to a bright manicure. After all a bright manicure - is the key to positive emotions and great mood. So we will cheer ourselves looking at the coolest ideas bright manicure, and then experiment? Then let's go!


A bright manicure is the use of saturated colours of the colour wheel with calm tones. But in creating a bright manicure, you need to be as careful as possible so as not to give your nails a lot of 'lusciousness' and instead of attracting the gaze of others, alienate it.

There are several things to consider before doing a flashy manicure.

1. The interest of others. Anything bright always catches the eye! A bright manicure is no exception to this. Therefore, making a bright manicure, be sure to take into account that it must be done without errors - even coating, cuticle and lack of gore.

2. Taste. For a flamboyant manicure, you need to know the right colour combinations; without a personal taste and style, there's a risk of creating a gypsy colouring.

3. Limit in application. It's worth realising that this manicure isn't suitable for everyone. Bright coating is recommended to do girls whose fingers and plates have no flaws. And also need to consider that this coating is not always appropriate, it is not suitable for a business meeting and it can not be combined with a business suit.


Yellow and blue print
Bright ombré
Pink print
Not the classic french

An assortment of bright colours

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Always be in a good mood! Vibrant manicure will help!

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