Scattered decor for nail design

Scattered decor for nail design
A well-groomed body, a trim figure, gorgeous hair and a beautiful manicure are the main attributes of the modern girl. Since we are closely related to the nail field, let's put an emphasis on ways to help achieve a beautiful manicure. One of the methods is the nail decor, or in today's nail industry, it is also called nail art. You can decorate nails in different ways, the decor at the moment more than enough: different materials, figures, rhinestones, scatter decors, etc. In this article we would like to focus on the scattered decoration for nail design. What kinds there are and how not to get confused in different «loose».


Velvet sand provides a powder of fine, medium and coarse grinding. It resembles dust, semolina or very fine sugar. Depending on the choice of background shade, the colour of the manicure can vary from transparent to very bright. The decor can be used on its own - to completely cover the nail - or it can be used to add volume to drawings and patterns.

Velvet sand is found in the following grinds:

- Fine. This is nothing more than acrylic powder ground to dust.
- Medium. The most common type of velvet sand. Medium grains of sand allow you to create voluminous designs, such as knitted manicures or a candied nail effect.
- Coarse. Particles of this velvet sand are prominent and create a candied nail effect.

Velvet sand comes in the following varieties:

- White translucent. Used to create a calm manicure, which is not particularly conspicuous.
- Coloured. Can consist of only one shade or include several different colours. Coloured sand can replace gel polish and is applied immediately on the base.
- With Glitter. Used both for a small decoration and for a complete covering of the nails. The Glitter Sand creates a shimmering effect on the nails.

APPLICATION: The decoration is applied on an undried layer of gel polish, gel paint or top coat and then cured under a lamp.


Glitter is a type of shimmering metallic particles made of paper or coloured foil that vary in shape and size. There is also glitter dust, which is glitter crushed into flour. Glitter can be either classic glitter or holographic. The holographic glitter produces a multicoloured glittery effect when exposed to light.

Glitters can be found in the following mills:

- Fine.
- Very fine.
- Medium coarse.
- Foiled in different geometric shapes - round, square, stars, ovals, etc.
- Mixed fractions of different sizes in the same solution.

Glitters come in the following types:

- Coloured - these are glitters made from dyed metallic film, with no shimmer. Bright, saturated colours.
- Holographic - these glitters are made of metallic film with a prismatic effect, the particles shimmer in all colours of the rainbow. Holographic Glitter gives a multicoloured shimmer in the light.
- Rainbow Glitters are a range of iridescent glitters in subtle shades, with pearl-like effects.
- Neon glitters are UV-light glitters that also have bright, acidic colours.

NOTE: In addition to loose glitter, there is also liquid glitter. This is nothing more than a clear nail polish with large glitters.

APPLICATION: Glitter is easy to apply on top of an undried layer of nail polish or gel polish, or on top of an undried layer of topcoat. Be sure to seal the glitter layer again with a topcoat in this case.

The glitter is poured onto the coated nail using a pusher, an inverted training tip with a pen or brush. The easiest option is to simply dip the painted nail into the texture. Next, use the brush to conveniently remove any residual glitter around the perimeter of the nail, from the surface of the plate, while gently distributing the excess in areas of «gaps».


Pigment is a highly concentrated powder, which is designed to give your nails an original colour. The pigment is excellent for creating unusual design elements on the nails. The pigment is not used on its own, but is applied as an enhancing element.

The pigment comes in the following types:

- Coloured - a pigment with a subtle shimmer.
- Chimeric - a pigment that will give your nails a shimmering glow.
- Fluorescent - a pigment that glows in the dark when exposed to UV light.
- Magnetic - A pigment that can simulate a feline manicure effect.
- Neon - a pigment of bright colour.
- Chameleon pigment - A multi-coloured pigment with brilliant effects.

USAGE: The pigment is applied on a lightly dried coat of tacky gel polish. Apply a small quantity of pigment on the surface, then rub in with applicator, sponge or finger. Overlaid with a topcoat.


Nail design shavings are a material in the form of dry, small, elongated particles which resemble straws. A manicure with this decoration is always unique.

The chips come in:
- Coloured - can only consist of different colours.
- The metallic ones have a subtle colour shimmer.

APPLICATION: Sprinkle the shavings on the top before drying in the lamp. The shavings are also added to the gels during modelling or when creating aquarium designs.


Yuki flakes - «Yuki» translates from Japanese as «snow» - it looks like large flakes of snow, fragile and weightless. Yuki flakes are tiny wafers of varying shapes and sizes that can be gently placed on the nail without damaging their shape, or easily pulverized into dust. Yucca flakes have a holographic, multi-coloured effect. The yuki flakes are a type of wax.

USAGE: Apply Yuki flakes on top of the sticky layer of gel polish with a brush, orange wand or finger. Once the flakes have been evenly distributed, the design is covered with a topcoat and must be successively dried in a lamp.


A wax is a type of pigment. The decoration is a powder which creates a mirror effect on the nails. It is resistant to UV light, humidity and other external factors.

The wax is available in the following forms:

- Metallic - with a metallic effect, also called chrome or superchrome is the most popular. A mirror-like powder has a resemblance to cold polished steel, due to this it gives a chic sheen. Its characteristic feature is an even, shiny finish with metallic overtones in one colour, without transitions. It interrupts the colour of the base and can be applied to both dark and light backgrounds.

- Pearl is a fine powder with glitter which, when rubbed into the nail, shimmers and sparkles like pearls. The wax is white with a characteristic pearly sheen, or may contain light pigments of blue, green and pink, which create coloured highlights. This wax has a unique look on a light base. The wax can be used for bridal and casual designs.

- Yuki flakes - This wax is made up of larger particles. The yuki flakes are small particles that have a holographic multi-coloured effect.

USE: It is imperative that the waxed nail polish is applied on an adhesive layer. Using the right base will have a big influence on the quality of the manicure. Of course, the right technique will also affect the result.


Glitter is small, light-reflecting particles that have a shimmering effect when exposed to light. They are available in single-colour or holographic glitter, in different shapes and sizes. With glitter can create the most fascinating nail designs.

Glitter comes in the following large varieties:

- Dry ones are usually sold in jars or sachets. These glitters can be used as a standalone item. Dry glitter is applied to an undried surface to glue on, a colourless varnish can be used on top of the glitter.

- Wet is usually glitter or glitter varnish. These are shimmering particles that are blended and ready to be applied with a lacquer brush. Glitter nail polish differs from nail polish in that the glittery parts are a thick mush. A topcoat of fixer is then only required if the elements are very large.

Improvise with your nails and let them always stand out from the crowd.

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