Eyelash extensions - starter kit

Eyelash extensions - starter kit
The courses on «eyelash extensions» are behind you, all the theory has been read over, now the «start» of the practice. You are a beginner «lashmaker», a beginner in this business, and on the one hand there is a certain excitement «as soon as possible to start,» and on the other hand, there are fears «what if something goes wrong» and nothing happens. Of course in the beginning, you'll need the basic materials for eyelash extensions, and, to be sure to buy everything you need, we have prepared for you material that will definitely help you in choosing a starter kit for eyelash extensions.
So, let's find out what's best to buy at the start and why.

Eyelash preparation

1. Pads to protect the lower lashes. It is essential to use pads to prevent the upper lashes from sticking to the lower lashes during the treatment. Experts advise to buy lint-free pads, as they are more convenient to work with. Another option is to use a special protective tape.

2. Degreaser. A degreaser, in addition to decorative cosmetics, removes from the lashes a layer of grease, remnants of grooming cream, dust particles and epithelium. If these are not removed, the extensions will not last long.

3. Primer. It removes grease residues, strengthens the effect of the glue and accelerates the drying process.
Note: Both degreaser and primer are applied on special sticks - «microbrushings».

Materials and tools

1. Tweezers

You need to purchase a straight and a beveled one.
The first one is needed to separate the base lash from the neighbouring ones. The second is used to place and remove the artificial eyelashes.
Tweezers should be light, otherwise your hand will get tired and the quality of the extensions may suffer. When buying, make sure the tips are sharp and well adapted to each other. In this case, do not save money: it is better to buy a quality eyelash extension tool at a higher price and work with comfort.

2. Eyelashes

Every artist should have a few sets of eyelashes in their work case, which differ in thickness, type of curvature and length. Depending on the type of extension, the beginner lashmaker should make his own set.
- For a natural effect, lashes with a diameter of 0.5 - 0.7 mm are used. Volumes can be created with them, but they will look weightless and very natural.
- To simulate painted lashes, varieties from 0.1 to 0.15 mm are used. They are suitable for customers who want to create a casual look that is not too eye-catching.
- Thicker lashes (0.18 - 0.25) may be stiff and uncomfortable, and are suitable for short term wear for photoshoots or fashionable parties.
Curves of lashes are designed to create different effects and correct the shape of eyes.
B-curve almost coincides with hair shape and only emphasizes its beauty.
With C and CC, they create a curling effect. The CC version is more prominent, creating an even more open and expressive look.
With D it creates an even stronger curve, giving a feminine look. This variety is not suited to every aspect, therefore it must be used with care.
L-Lashes are curved closer to the edge, which allows you to visually increase the size of your eyes. Buy Eyelashes

3. Glue and Remouver

When buying eyelash glue, pay attention to how fast it dries. For a beginner, it is unlikely that ultra-fast-drying glue will be suitable: if you don't have time to «plant" the lashes, they won't last long.
Remover is used to remove lashes. The creamy and gel removers are the most convenient to use, because their texture does not get into the eyes and does not irritate the mucous membranes. With cream remuver it is possible to remove eyelashes even with open eyes.
Liquid removers (debonders) are suitable for spot removal and correction of eyelashes or cleaning tools.

Supplementary materials

The starter kit must also contain:
- Jade or crystal glue stone.
- Scrubbing brushes.
- Disposable hats and masks.
- Disinfectors.
- Microbrushes.
- Glue glass.
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Here's a little professional minimum to get you started! We hope your clients will be mesmerized by the beauty of your lashes.

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