Burrs are a hand and nail problem. How to get rid of them?

Burrs are a hand and nail problem. How to get rid of them?
An unpleasant phenomenon that can occur on the hands is hangnails. They give your hands and nails an unkempt, unkempt and insecure look. Also, burrs contribute to wounds and abscesses and cling to clothes. In general, a rather unpleasant phenomenon, which interferes with life. In this article, we will try to understand in more detail about burrs and what to do to prevent their appearance.


A hangnail on the fingers is a superficial tear in the skin around the nail that can bleed, and without proper care, can even develop into an abscess. These formations must never be ignored, otherwise they can lead to the most undesirable consequences: if an infection enters the open wound, it can provoke illness and even blood poisoning.


Causes of burrs can be external and internal:

1. External

- Improper nail and cuticle care.
- Biting the nails/cuticle - a bad habit weakens the nail bed and causes micro-trauma to the skin around the nail plate.
- Dry skin - prolonged contact with water, detergents, disinfectants.
- Constant contact with paper.
- Chafing - frequent exposure to wind and frost.
- Poor-quality materials for nail coating or nail extensions.
- Any trauma to the top layer of the epidermis in the roller area.
- Incorrect manicure - cuticle cut too deep «to red» and other mechanical damage to the skin done by inexperience or accidental mistake.

2. Internal

- Diabetes mellitus.
- Dehydration - at least 1.5 litres of water should be consumed daily.
- vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Deficiencies of vitamin A, B7, C, calcium, magnesium and other micronutrients often affect the nails and cuticle specifically.
- Infectious inflammatory diseases of the skin around the nail, such as fungus. In this case you should always consult a doctor.

NOTE: If you do not find yourself in any of the above categories and you still have burrs, then it is a good reason to see your doctor. Don't be indifferent to this under any circumstances.


1. Try to moisturise your hands regularly with nourishing creams.

2. Systematically give your hands a hygienic manicure, preferably an un-cut manicure. Instead of cutting the cuticle, rub a piece of cuticle oil into it and gently push it away with an orange stick.

3. Try to incorporate foods rich in fats and vitamins into your diet: fish, vegetable oils, nuts, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

4. «Get out» of the habit of «nail biting»! The bad habit not only contributes to the appearance of burrs, but also increases the risk of infection of the wound with bacteria living in the mouth.

5. Don't use quick-drying nail polishes, as they not only harden quickly themselves, but also dry out the skin around the nail instantly.

6. Protect the skin from external influences (use rubber gloves when doing household chores, treat injuries immediately with hydrogen peroxide or iodine, prevent dirt from getting into open wounds).


It is very important to remember not to tear off a hangnail under any circumstances, as this will cause pain and trauma to the skin with all the consequences. You can get rid of the burr in manicure salons, or you can do it yourself at home.

How to do it?

To soften the skin, prepare a bath of warm water, add some vegetable oil and dip the fingertips for about 10 minutes.

2. Remove soft burrs with nail clippers, make sure to treat with disinfectant. Apply an oily hand cream.
After the treatment, take care of the skin around the nails systematically. Moisturize your nails with nourishing creams. Also paraffin therapy, warm baths with oils, soda or salt, lemon juice, herbs will be very useful. (For more complicated baths for hands and nails, see our article «How to strengthen your nails? Simple and efective tips» or «Paraffin therapy. Your body beautiful and healthy»).

TIP: If the burrs have been bothering you for several days, are inflamed and sore, we strongly recommend not doing anything yourself to avoid unpleasant consequences. The best option is to see a doctor.

Always take your health seriously, as it is the key to beauty.

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