Manicure and pedicure machine ZS-710 overview

Manicure and pedicure machine ZS-710 overview
The ZS-710 manicure and pedicure machine from Global Fashion is professional equipment designed with high quality standards in mind. With 65W power and speeds up to 35,000 rpm, this machine provides the ideal conditions for machine manicures, pedicures and corrections of gel and acrylic nails. Thanks to its high power, the ZS-710 ensures efficient and precise work, allowing for fast and professional performance of various procedures. Regardless of the complexity of the task, this machine guarantees flawless results.

 On the back of the control unit is a On/Off button as well as a connector for a foot pedal. The front panel is equipped with an LCD display that indicates the speed of the milling head, making the job of the milling machine much easier. There is also an automatic FOOD/HAND switch, which allows the choice between manual operation and foot pedal control, as well as a REV (reverse) button, which allows forward and reverse rotation. In addition, the unit is equipped with a handy pen stand, which is rarely found in other similar units. The stand has rubber inserts to ensure a secure and tight grip on the handle.

It should be noted that the appliance has a built-in overload protection function, which automatically switches the unit off in the event of overheating. This ensures safety and extends the life of the device.

The ZS-710 is a perfect combination of comfort and functionality. Its lightweight and comfortable metal grip is unparalleled in terms of comfort and handling. Its low noise and vibration levels make it incredibly comfortable to use, allowing you to concentrate on creating great-looking results.

The ZS-710 is the first choice for professionals who appreciate comfort, performance and aesthetics.

 Let this manicure and pedicure machine take your work to the next level of quality and customer satisfaction.


Connect the handle to the router, making sure that it is securely fastened. To switch the machine on, press the button on the back of the power unit. The cutter bar must be correctly positioned before starting work. The nozzle lock mechanism ensures that the cutter is held securely in place, preventing unwanted vibrations during operation. To avoid damage, it is not advisable to close the handle without the nozzle or the stopper rod in place. Then select the desired operating mode: manual or foot control, and determine the desired cutter speed. In manual control mode, the cutter speed is controlled by a mechanical regulator on the power unit. In foot control mode, you can switch the cutter on and off and adjust the machine's advance speed by pressing the foot pedal. If you need to reverse the direction of rotation of the cutter, you can activate the reverse function by pressing the REV button without switching off the machine. The cutter will stop on its own and then start turning in the opposite direction. This can be useful in certain situations where you need to reverse the direction of processing material.

Kit includes control box, handle, foot pedal, handle stand, cutter kit and disposable caps.


Power: 65 watts

Infinitely variable speed up to 35,000 rpm. 

Power supply: 50Hz, 220-240V 

Handle weight: 157g 

Unit weight: 1065 g 

Power cord length: 135cm 

Display: yes 

Colour: white, pink

Warranty: 3 months
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