Manicure and pedicure machine GF-3: the perfect choice

Manicure and pedicure machine GF-3: the perfect choice
The manicure and pedicure machine Global Fashion GF-3 with 80W power and rotation speed up to 45,000rpm is a high-quality professional machine specially designed for manicures, pedicures (finger skin treatment) and the correction of gel and acrylic nails.

The router has a handy speed regulator that makes it easy to set the speed from minimum to maximum. The unit also features a reverse button which allows you to reverse the direction of rotation by switching the knob to the opposite side. There is also a toggle button on the router which allows you to switch between FOOD (foot control) and HAND (hand control) modes, giving you the ability to choose the most convenient way to control your work. The unit also features special slots designed to ensure efficient cooling during operation.

The GF-3 is not only characterised by low noise and vibration levels, but also ensures comfortable use for the craftsman. It is equipped with an innovative overload protection function, which automatically shuts down the unit when overheating is detected.

The handle of the unit is made of solid metal, ensuring reliability and durability, but it is also light and compact, making it ergonomic and comfortable for long-term work.

In addition, the GF-3 is equipped with an integrated blower system that effectively cools the motor, protecting it from overheating even during intensive use. This contributes to increased reliability and long tool life.

The kit includes power supply, handle, handle stand, rheostatic pressure pedal, a set of cutters and disposable caps.


Power: 80 watts 

Infinitely variable speed up to 45,000 rpm. 

Power supply: 50Hz, 220-240V 

Handle weight: 194 gr 

Unit weight: 930 g 

Power cord length: 150cm 

Display: none 

Colour: white, red, black, grey

Warranty: 3 months
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