Paraffin therapy. Your body is beautiful and healthy

Paraffin therapy. Your body is beautiful and healthy
Today, most girls strive to be the standard of beauty. Fashionable clothes, jewellery, cosmetics, sports, and all this in order to draw attention to themselves. Of course, besides all this must still be properly care for the body that it was not only beautiful but also healthy. In the beauty industry there are various ways of caring for the body, which are able to give beauty and grooming. One popular way is waxing.
In this article we will tell you all the important things about paraffin waxing, and other nuances.

Paraffin resembles wax or stearin in appearance. It is a substance that is extracted through synthesis from petroleum. It is widely used in radio engineering, in various technologies as anticorrosive and lubricating agent. Paraffin is also used in nuclear physics and as a food additive. Buy paraffin

Properties of paraffin
. The healing properties of paraffin are rooted in its natural properties. It quickly hardens when applied to the skin and forms a protective coating. Thus the temperature effect becomes longer and more uniform.

What is wax therapy and what are its variation

y is a popular and sought-after modern procedure, which has its roots deep in antiquity. It is a type of physiotherapy based on heat therapy. Heat therapy is designed to eliminate various diseases and also for their prevention. It is characterised by high heat capacity and low thermal conductivity.
The action of wax therapy is to rejuvenate and nourish the skin of the hands, face and whole body, remove toxins and excess moisture, saturate the deeper layers of the skin with beneficial substances. The treatment has a long-lasting effect and helps to make the skin soft and beautiful.
The waxing procedure can be divided into two main categories, the therapeutic and the cosmetic versions.

The therapeutic paraffin
therapy is prescribed as a set of procedures to improve tissue metabolism and relieve inflammation in the joints. It is also an excellent preparation for therapeutic massage.

The cosmetic wax therapy
for the hands is a simplified version of the therapeutic wax therapy and gives a good and effective care of the skin, as well as relaxation of muscle clamps.

Types of wax therapy

There are the following types of wax therapy:
- for hands and nails.
- for feet.
- for face.
- on the body.

Let's talk about these in more detail.

Paraffin therapy for hands and nails

A woman's hands are an indicator of every woman's grooming. And for your hands to be always at their best, they need to be cared for. The beauty industry provides many cosmetic methods, one of the most effective is paraffin therapy. With this treatment, the hands become soft and gentle. Hand waxing can also be done at home.

Indications for paraffin therapy of hands and nails:

- Dry and dehydrated skin.
- Peeling of the back of the hand.
- Cracked skin.
- Unhealthy skin tone, loss of turgor.
- Hypersensitivity to cold, wind and moisture.

What is needed and what are the steps for paraffin therapy for hands and nails

For the treatment you need:
- A container to melt your wax.
- Paper towels, terry towel or gloves.
- Polythene gloves.
- Brush for hard-to-reach areas.
- Container or wax bath to carry out the treatment.

Steps for the procedure:

- Warm up wax in a suitable container in a water bath. The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius so that water does not get into the tub accidentally.
- At this time, spread your hands in warm water and apply a scrub. Massage the skin gently for a few minutes, then remove the dead layer of cells.
- Then rub a nourishing cream into the skin with massaging strokes.
- Immerse hands into the prepared wax bath and keep it there for 10 minutes. Then take out and dip again after 10 seconds. 3-5 such dips will be sufficient.
- When the substance on the hands hardens a little, you should wrap them in cling film and wrap them in a thick towel. Hands should be kept warm for 20-30 minutes.
- Then remove the paraffin from the wrist to the fingers and wash your hands in warm water.
- Massage your hands gently.

Result after paraffin hand treatment:

- Smoothes fine wrinkles, heals cracks.
- Rejuvenates your hands.
- Softens cuticles, promotes rapid growth of healthy nails.
- Relieves muscle pain and cramps, strengthens joints.
- Restores water balance of the skin.
- The spa treatment relaxes, soothes and gives a pleasant sensation.

Paraffin therapy for the feet

If your hands need deep moisturising in winter and spring, then your feet need it in the summertime. Of course, paraffin therapy is a great way to pamper your feet.
Foot paraffin therapy is a way of rejuvenating and revitalising the skin on your feet, based on the use of warm cosmetic paraffin with beneficial herbal additives.

What's needed and the steps for paraffin therapy for the feet

This treatment is on the list of cosmetic salon services. But it can also be done independently, it does not require any special skills or special equipment.

All you need for this treatment is:

- a special bath.
- terry towel.
- cling film.
- softening cream.

Stages of the procedure:

- The first step is to melt paraffin in a tub or in a water bath.
- After feet are thoroughly washed with hot water, they are dipped into warm paraffin for a few seconds, then removed and dried. Immersion and drying is repeated 4-5 times until the feet are covered with several layers of paraffin.
- Then feet should be wrapped in cling film and a towel.
- You can just rest for half an hour and then remove the wax film.
- Wash your feet and apply cream.

Effect after the treatment:

- Cleanses the skin of your feet.
- Clears the pores and eliminates toxins.
- Edema disappears.
- Blisters and corns are softened.
- Relieves pain in the joints.

Facial paraffin therapy

Facial paraffin therapy is a spa treatment using liquid paraffin. Its principle of action is a greenhouse effect that opens up the pores and allows nutrients to penetrate deep into the epidermis.

Indications for facial paraffin therapy:

- Skin tone problems.
- Dehydrated dry skin with a pronounced withering.
- The first signs of ageing - wrinkles, loss of firmness.
- Flaking during the off-season - spring and autumn.
- Swelling of the face.

Stages of the procedure

This procedure is performed in the salon and is as follows:
-Preparation -demake-up, cleansing with a mild scrub, antiseptic treatment.
-Application of products that enhance the effectiveness of the mask. This can include moisturising and toning creams, anti-peeling lotions or healing products. Under a layer of paraffin mask they are several times more effective;
- Dry cotton pads are placed over the eyes to protect them from the hot product;
- Up to 3 coats of liquid paraffin are applied to the skin with a brush;
- A special cloth mask is placed on top and a further two layers of paraffin wax mixture are applied
- After all these layers have dried completely, the mask is removed after about 30 minutes and the skin is moisturised with a cream suitable for the skin type.

The result of the treatment:

- The skin's elasticity is improved through compression. Compression is achieved by shrinking the mask as it dries.
- After applying warm paraffin wax, blood circulation improves, pores open and metabolism improves.

Body paraffin therapy

Body waxing is based on the principle of forming a wax film of varying thickness on the skin. The effect of paraffin therapy is not only a corrective and rejuvenating effect but also a treatment with paraffin, which helps to get rid of many health problems. Such a procedure can be done in the salon.

Indications for facial paraffin therapy:

- Withering of the skin, its premature aging.
- Swelling of the face.
- The appearance of the first wrinkles and bags under the eyes.
- Existence of red marks on the skin (e.g. spots where acne has been removed).
- Wrinkles around the hips or abdomen.

Stages of the procedure:

- Decontamination of the skin with a special antiseptic.
- Peeling. This stage eliminates dead cells. The peeling product is designed not only to exfoliate dead cells, but also to nourish/rejuvenate the dermal tissue.
- The main treatment involves the application of paraffin, which has been prepared in advance, on parts of the body. The movements of the beautician are soft, gentle and unobtrusive.
- The waxing stage is completed by removing the fixed wax film and applying a special moisturiser.

The result of the treatment:

- Relaxation and relief of muscle tension.
- An increase in the number of functioning capillaries.
- Detoxification products leave the body.
Paraffin therapy is a popular treatment, which is no surprise as the results are always top notch. It's a salon treatment, of course, but it can also be done at home. All this is possible thanks to a paraffin bath.

What kind of baths are there?

A paraffin wax bath is a plastic outer tank with a metal inner tank with a built-in heating element and thermostat. On the outside it is equipped with a control panel with buttons or mechanical levers.

In terms of use, the bathtubs are divided into three types:

Smaller ones up to 2.5 litres (these tubs are suitable for waxing your hands and elbows. They can also be used as wax baths, without immersing the limbs, and then applying wax with a brush). They come in different wattages: 40V, 50V, 120V, 200V, 220V and in various sizes 110 x 100 x 80mm, 150 x 120 x 80mm, 300 x 235 x 140mm, 325 x 235 x 18mm, 360 x 233 x 305mm.

Medium or universal 2.5-4 litre models (these models are used both at home and in salons. They allow you to immerse both hands and feet, which is a great advantage). With power: 120 V, 150 V, 265 V and 300 V and with dimensions of 220 x 310 x 200 mm, 260 x 360 x 190 mm, 290 x 215 x 120 mm and 340 x 210 x 170 mm.
Bigger ones - 4-5 litres (These baths are in demand in medical centres and beauty salons, and involve more intensive use. They are also suitable for home treatments - however, they require larger quantities of wax in comparison with medium-sized universal models). With power: 150 V, 200 V, 220 V, 230 V, 360 V with the dimensions 250x340x180 mm, 400x280x210 mm

To choose a good bathtub for domestic use, you should pay attention to the following points:

- The presence of a push-button or mechanical external panel for switching on, switching off and adjusting the temperature.
- Ability to set the melting and heating temperature of the wax manually or have a built in thermostat for automatic regulation.
- Bath size: the extra long and extra large bathtub size makes it suitable for both hands and feet treatments.
- Transparent top cover to keep an eye on wax heating safely, without risk of splashing or burns. 
- Smooth inner lid which makes it easy to remove the wax when cleaning the tub.
- Plastic safety grid inside the bathtub.
- Easily accessible exterior handles or recesses for moving the bathtub.
- Warranty.

Main benefits of paraffin therapy

- It strengthens the joints.
- It is an excellent treatment for cracked skin.
- Restoration of skin tissue of hands and feet in case of mechanical injuries.
- Significant reduction of pain in the presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
- Tangible rejuvenating effect already after the first treatment.
- Very easy to do, pleasant and relaxing.
- Nervous tension.
- Minor wounds.
- Getting rid of cellulite.

Contraindications for paraffin therapy

As any other cosmetic treatment, wax therapy has certain contraindications. Namely:
˗ The presence of wounds, abrasions or rashes on the skin.
˗ Disorders of normal blood clotting.
˗ Cancer.
˗ Diabetes mellitus.
˗ Pregnancy and lactation period.
- Sensitivity disorders in the skin area to be treated;
- Varicose veins or thrombophlebitis;
- Wounds in the area where the wax is applied;
- Festering infections;
- Sychosis;
- Furunculosis.
- Pregnancy and lactation.
We hope this article helps you to be beautiful and healthy. We wish you all the best!

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