Gel polish burns when drying in the lamp: Causes and solutions

Gel polish burns when drying in the lamp: Causes and solutions
Today, every other girl resorts to the nail extension technique. Once it's done, you're free to go for three weeks with a beautiful manicure. There are sometimes problems with this technique. One of them is when the gel polish bakes in the lamp during drying. In this case, the oven can and the base and top, even through several layers of gel polish. There can be several reasons for this, so let's look into it.


1. The layer of gel polish (base or top) is too thick. The thicker the layer, the more heat will be released during drying.

2. Colourless or transparent material. Often, the base heats more than the gel polish, not only because it is applied directly to the nail, but also because it has no pigment. This is because the pigment contained in the coloured gel polish, prevents rapid penetration of the rays through the material - the reaction is slower and less heat is released.

3. The lamp is very powerful. The more intense the lamp is on the material, the faster the reaction is, which can also lead to burning. Here you need to know the balance and buy the right lamp for gel nail polish. Usually 36 watts is sufficient for ultraviolet. (There's an article on our website, «How to choose a manicure lamp? Let's understand the nuances!», it may be useful).

4. The nail plate is thinned. If the removal of nails was carried out immediately before nail polishing, and it was not entirely successful - the nails were over-sawed (typical for gel polish removal with a file), you may feel a little more burning than usual, as the nail layer has become thinner and the capillaries under it have become more sensitive.

5. Sensitive client.
Everyone's body is different, so it's all individual.

6. There are some brands whose materials are very stingy. Always buy products only from trusted brands. For example, at Global Fashion's online shop.
Article on the subject: Top for gel polish. What is it for?


1. Apply gel polish in a thin layer. This also applies to the base and top.
2. For sensitive nails, you can reduce the wattage of the lamp if possible.
3. Always use a gel polish base. And if it's a problem, you can try replacing it with a camouflage base: it's not quite transparent, which, as we've already found out, slows down the heating process.
4. For sensitive and thinning nails, it can be advised to either do a nail repair or to apply gel nail polish very thinly, just in more layers.


The most important thing is NOT to STOP - you could get a burn!

1. Take your hand out of the lamp but don't wiggle it to avoid damaging the gel lacquer layer.
2. Try to keep your hand close to the lamp at this time so the rays slightly still get to the nail plate and the gel polish is not wrinkled.
3. If the nail burns very badly, press your fingers against something cold.
4. Once the burning sensation has subsided, return your hand to the lamp. As a rule, this sensation will not occur a second time.
5. If you apply the base coat not in one coat, but in two thin coats and dry accordingly twice, the burn will be much less.
6. To use instead of a transparent base, a camouflaging base as there are now quite a large number of different shades.
7. Simply give the nails a rest, do not apply coating for some time, strengthen them, use nail polishes to regenerate, take vitamins and calcium, so they strengthen and become stronger, so the burning will be much less.

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